Charlotte Harbor Water Shuttle

Schedule and pricing

Charlotte Harbor Water Shuttle’s Schedule
and Rates

Take a ride with us to the Riviera Bar and Grill. We depart every Tuesday through Sunday (the restaurant is closed on Mondays). Instead of waiting in line for a table, call us to organize a trip to the restaurant, and we will make your reservations for you. We pick up passengers at the Laishley Marina Public Boat Dock and drop them off at the restaurant.

Riviera Bar & Grill Sign

Shuttle Hours

The Charlotte Harbor Water Shuttle departs twice a day from Laishley’s public boat dock (mid-morning and mid-afternoon rides). For clients interested in riding with us, here are our shuttle hours.

Morning Hours

Evening Hours

The trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes each way, plus your time at the Riviera for lunch or dinner. Depending on how quickly the kitchen and waitstaff turn things around, this time could vary.

We apologize in advance, but we cannot drop you off or pick you up at Fisherman’s Village. The management does not allow us to load or unload people anywhere on their property.

Making Reservations for You

There may be a long wait for a table because of the Riviera Bar and Grill’s popularity. Call and book your passage to the restaurant with Charlotte Harbor Water Shuttle, and we will make reservations for you.

Holiday Scheduling

Holiday scheduling and pricing will be posted during the specific day. We hope you enjoy your holiday regardless of which one it may be. You are always welcome aboard the Tip-C-Gull. For more information about our holiday trips, reach out to us.


The following rates are for each round trip to and from the Riviera Bar and Grill. Passengers must pay the captain on the boat.

Cash Fare

Inclement Weather

The safety of our passengers is our top priority, so the shuttle will not operate in inclement weather due to unsafe conditions. We will resume as soon as the weather permits. 

Enjoy the Trip

Relax, unwind, have a drink, sing, and dance the night away, but always remember to stay safe and create beautiful memories to share with your loved ones. We hope you have a wonderful trip aboard!